[DiL] Mastering online assessment? Practical guide for the first steps

Datum: 15. Mai 2024Ort: online

15.05.2024 bis 12.06.2024

Important note:
The course is offered in ENGLISH. Tasks can be handed in in German or English.

How can I make good and meaningful use of online assessment in my teaching and learning events? Why should I opt for online assessment? What design and implementation options are there and for what purposes are they recommended? What pedagogical and technical aspects should I consider when designing, organising and implementing online assessment? This online self-study course addresses these questions and aims to provide you as lecturers with a comprehensive and practical introduction to the topic of online assessment and enables you to implement them to a high standard. In addition to theoretical and empirical knowledge, the course is designed to stimulate and support your knowledge deepening process through concrete practical examples, expert interviews and interactive tasks.
In Module 4 of the online course, you will also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the design and implementation options for online assessment in the context of virtual mobility and apply them to your own course.

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